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Writing And Comprehension Practice: Zoggy Is Lost (4-8 years)

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About This Product

Title: Writing And Comprehension Practice: Zoggy Is Lost (4-8 years)

This educational resource is perfect for educators engaging with preschoolers, kindergartners, and students in Grades 1 and 2. It primarily focuses on Language Arts subjects with a specific emphasis on phonics.

About the Product:

The product involves phonic writing practice and comprehension worksheets based on the popular Mission Spelling Zero book 'Zoggy Is Lost'. This workbook belongs to the green level scheme of Mission Spelling Zero. The supplemental material within ideally reinforces what's learned in 'Zoggy Is Lost', hence it's advisable to purchase only if students read or have access to this book.

Content Includes:
  • Sounds reinforcement of letters
  • Focused activities on tracing and writing letters/words
  • Learnable spellings
  • Simple comprehension questions derived from storytelling.
Main Attraction:

The unique protagonist of these exercises is an innovative alien named Zoggy. From his distant planet, he solves problems using wizard-like computer skills. Young learners get introduced first to initial sounds through attractive stories, extending later towards double consonant blends and vowel digraphs learning.

This resource comprises 24 engaging pages,suitable for whole group activity during classroom lessons or smaller group concepts understanding sessions. Even homeschooling parents might find this beneficial during personal study time or as homework assignments allowing children self-paced understanding outside classroom hours.

Besides supporting first reading journey milestones,this product also guides learners towards early spelling achievements while laying a strong foundation for future education pursuits.

Note-All worksheets are provided in PDF format which can be printed flexibly as per teaching requirements, providing learners with enough opportunities to polish their handwriting skills, write initial sentences, and play games for enhanced comprehension.

What's Included

24 pages

Resource Tags

writing practice comprehension worksheets phonics spelling mastery early reading

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