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Writing And Comprehension Practice: Zoggy At The Garden Centre (4-8 years)

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Writing And Comprehension Practice: Zoggy At The Garden Centre (4-8 years)

An invaluable teaching tool geared towards early childhood educators. This resource is a series of printable worksheets designed to be used in conjunction with the phonic reading and spelling resource, Zoggy At The Garden Centre.


  • To reinforce knowledge around long vowel sounds, magic e and vowel digraphs such as oo, ee, ar, or, ir, ur and er.
  • To develop robust reading foundations while gaining key spelling skills along the way.

This tool is perfect for both whole group sessions or smaller targeted groups. It can even be assigned as homework for further reinforcement.

About Zoggy

Zoggy—a tech-savvy alien who hails from a distant planet—is featured throughout these engaging storylines. As learners continue their journey through different levels aligned with various colours of the rainbow in Mission Spelling Zero scheme—they'll steadily accumulate foundational reading skills.

Follow-up activities include:

  1. Tracing letters;
  2. Writing words;
  3. New spellings;
  4. Stimulating comprehension skills based on story events covered so far— notably expanding their linguistic capacity.

The PDF file format makes it conveniently accessible for teachers looking for engaging ways to promote early literacy amongst students. Making it an efficient and effective learning reinforcement instrument— Writing And Comprehension Practice: Zoggy At The Garden Centre (4-8 years).

If you already incorporate elements from Zoggy At The Garden Centre, into your lessons, this tool will take your teaching toolkit a notch higher.

What's Included

28 pages

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