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0-10 Number Anchor Poster

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About This Product

The 0-10 Number Anchor Poster

A crucial teaching tool, purpose-designed for enhancing primary math education, the 0-10 Number Anchor Poster provides a handy method of Teaching numbers from 0 to 10. Designed to help promote number recognition and comprehension coupled with Ten-frame numeration, this printable is an absolute essential.

What's included?

  • An individual poster for each number from zero through ten.

  • Numerical representation - '0' to '10' seen on each poster

  • Written representation - Each numeral translated into words i.e., 'zero' to 'ten'

  • Ten-Frame Representation - Illustrative count of each number displayed within a framed grid pattern.

A Must-have advantage!

The value proposition lies in its portability & adaptability. A print-ready resource that primes your classroom ambiance instantly. Not just during teaching hours but also an anytime-accessible display for students encouraging hands-on interaction.

Suits whom?

This learning aid is authored with preschoolers through third grade students in mind. Fostering fundamental numerical skills among tiny tots while proving relevant as quick reference or booster tools during independent / group activities among older students. And it's very simple yet engaging nature keeps it equally manageable by teachers round the clock whether be part of structured lessons or sneak-in short breaks across schedules.

Bold advantages:

  1. Crafted as PDF format ensuring longevity and resistance against common wear and tear issues faced with paper records/posters.
    You buy once, use multiple times over several school years!

    In sum...
    The 0-10 Number Anchor Poster underscores visual learning and numerical understanding while consistently promoting student interaction at all phases of primary education curriculum.

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