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100th Day of School Math Coloring Pages Addition Sums 10-20 Color by Number Code

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100's Day


Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

100th Day of School Math Coloring Pages Addition Sums 10-20 Color by Number Code

The 100th Day of School is a momentous occasion in classrooms across the country, and what better way to infuse some excitement into math practice than with the '100th Day of School Math Coloring Pages - Addition Sums 10-20 Color by Number Code'. This resource is a masterfully crafted blend of mathematics and coloring activities, providing educators with an engaging way to bring learning to life!

Engagement-Centered Design:

This unique math coloring pages set has been designed with supreme attention to engagement. By merging addition facts practice with color-by-code activities, it paves the way for active learning masked as celebration. Versatility in its usage beats boredom – early finishers' activity, morning work or homework; this tool keeps practicing addition interesting.

Dual Purpose Celebration:

Uniquely interweaving the intimate traffic between completing one hundred days at school and reinforcing crucial basic math skills, this premium product embodies both celebration & learning. It include six themed coloring pages centered on ′100TH DAY OF SCHOOL', perfectly aligning with grade levels one and two curriculum requirements.

  • An Added Convenience: The answer keys included provide teachers easy access for quick fact checking or validation during class discussions or grading homeworks. A ready-to-go aid that lends convenience!
  • Versatile Use Case:Designed for integration into small group instruction sessions or whole-class teaching situations admirably well due its nuanced layout; doubles up as individual assignments too! Just print & assign.
In Conclusion:

If you're on a quest for an educational yet enjoyable tool marking an important milestone like finishing hundred days at school while making math practice captivating, this teaching aid is ideal. By intermixing learning with a dash of artistic fun and allure, it's a hit across diverse education setups - be it in a traditional school classroom or for homeschool educators; these color by code activities will surely be a winner!

What's Included


⭐6 math coloring pages with addition sums 10-20

⭐color coded at a glance answer keys

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100th Day Math Coloring Addition Practice Color by Number Classroom Celebration

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