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13th (2016): Complete Movie Guide

13th (2016): Complete Movie Guide
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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12





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About This Product

Title: 13th (2016): Complete Movie Guide

Dive into the provocative world of Ava DuVernay's powerful documentary, 13th with this comprehensive movie guide. Ideal for grades 9 through 12, this resource is particularly suited for social studies educators teaching courses in African and USA history.

This film guide pushes beyond passive viewing, engaging students with thought-provoking questions that span across the cinematic narrative. Incorporating historical context and analysis of racial inequality in the US criminal justice system, your students will be prompted to critically examine systemic bias and its impact on mass incarceration policies.

  • The package includes a set of worksheets structured around 32 questions designed to focus student attention and stir meaningful classroom discussions focused on issues such as racial profiling, sentencing disparities, abolition of slavery followed by segregation laws leading ultimately to what is now termed as 'mass incarceration.' The worksheet is supported by time stamps enabling educators to plan lessons around specific parts of the documentary.
  • From exploring convict leasing post-Abolition era to scrutinizing crime policies during Nixon’s administration; from shedding light on Reagan era's War on Drugs to elucidating Clinton administration's role in escalating mass imprisonment numbers especially amongst African American community - these worksheets are designed not just for historic lessons but also serve as an excellent medium for enabling conversations about contemporary societal challenges.
  • Beyond awareness-construction pertaining to inherent racial discrepancies within America's legal framework; this product most strategically serves as a tool facilitating insight into operations of prison-industrial complex, media influence over public perception about crimes along with resultant policy decisions.

User-friendly PDF Includes:

  1. An answer key alongside a blank student version worksheet ensures you have authority over information dissemination while maintaining an interactive environment.
  2. Format is user-friendly PDF which is ready-to-use making it exceptionally convenient for seamless preparation.

Ideal both for individual or group work – it opens avenues not only for traditional classroom teaching but also lends itself well towards instruction in more intimate home schooling settings. Furthermore, it can be equally beneficial as a standalone homework assignment extending learning beyond four walls of the classroom.

With this resource, teaching isn't just about explaining facts but enabling students to connect with history in reflective and personal ways. It's about fostering empathy, educating with context, and instilling societal responsibility in each student - all while ticking curriculum boxes seamlessly!

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