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3rd Grade Common Core Info Reading Passages and Graphic Organizers

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Grade 3



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About This Product

Capture your 3rd-grade students' interests and guide them towards academic success with this all-inclusive Common Core informational reading resource. Each reading standard is meticulously addressed using a dedicated reading passage and a selection of graphic organizers, all designed to solidify comprehension and encourage masterful understanding.

Exclusive Features:

  • Comprehensive inclusion of all informational reading standards

  • Tailor-made reading passage for each standard

  • Minimum of three unique graphic organizers per standard, ensuring diverse and comprehensive learning

  • Thought-provoking comprehension questions to reinforce each reading passage and standard

  • Open-ended response sections to encourage critical thinking and expressive reasoning

In-depth Overview of Reading Passages:

Our reading texts are methodically crafted, embracing the key elements required to fluidly teach each standard. This way, each passage serves as both an engaging narrative and instructional tool.

Insight into Comprehension Questions:

Every reading passage is paired with a set of comprehension questions, strategically composed to support easy information retrieval from the text as well as the development of inferential reading skills.

Optimized for Digital Learning:

This resource is designed for flexibility, with both printable PDF and digital format options. The digital version is compatible with Google Slides, and can be downloaded as a PowerPoint for Microsoft users.

Elevate your 3rd-grade students' informational reading skills with our comprehensive resource. It's more than just a learning tool – it's an all-around guide to mastering the art of reading according to Common Core standards.

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