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4th Grade September Math and Reading Activities | Fall Worksheets

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About This Product

Boost your classroom's learning experience with our comprehensive 4th Grade Math and Reading Fall Review Packet. This resource pack, brimming with engaging September-themed activities, is tailored to your student's Math and Reading skills while fostering a passion for learning.

Revamp your curriculum with our diverse range of activities that not only cover foundational aspects of 4th grade education but also drive students to apply and practice these skills. From refining critical vocabulary and mastering adverbs to excelling in number comparison and symmetry, we've got it all covered.

Inclusions in the Packet:

  • Sight Words - Enhance reading fluency with targeted sight words activities.

  • Symmetry - Engage students with captivating symmetry exercises.

  • Comparing Numbers - Boost math skills with an exciting number comparison.

  • Fractions & Decimals - Simplify complex concepts with interactive practice.

  • Vocabulary - Expand linguistic horizons with graded vocabulary exercises.

  • Adverbs - Enhance comprehension through the study of adverbs.

  • Homophones - Clarify common linguistic mix-ups with homophone exercises.

  • Story Writing - Ignite creativity and strengthen writing skills.

  • Handwriting Practice - Foster neat handwriting with targeted practice.

  • Literature Text Comprehension - Foster deep understanding through engaging literature texts.

  • Informational Text Comprehension - Enhance analytical skills with diverse informational texts.

  • Poetry - Immerse in the world of rhythm and rhyme with our collection of poems.

  • Autumn Facts - Make learning fun with interesting Autumn facts.

Reading Passage Topics:

  • Volunteer Adventures - Encourage empathy and understanding through stories of volunteering.

  • National Open the Magic Day: Unlocking the Power of Imagination - Inspire creativity and imagination with intriguing stories.

Opt for our 4th Grade Math and Reading Fall Review Packet, the perfect blend of fun and educational, and pave the way for a successful academic year!

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