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6th Grade Social Studies Standards Set 2

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Grade 6





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About This Product

6th Grade Social Studies Standards Set 2 is a teaching resource designed to help 6th grade educators implement the Georgia state social studies standards into their curriculum. This set of posters clearly outlines the key standards students are expected to know in 6th grade, categorizing them into broad domains like geography, government, economics, and history. The posters serve as quick daily references for both teachers and students to track the standards they have covered, while also acting as meaningful visual anchors displayed on classroom walls and bulletin boards. These standards posters allow teachers to easily point out daily learning objectives tied to the state's expectations. They also help students see connections between their current activities and overarching social studies concepts they need to master. This standards resource can be utilized in many ways - teachers can introduce new units and modules by identifying the highlighted standards students will focus on, or they can foster reflection at the end of lessons by asking students to discuss how their new knowledge relates to the posters on the walls. Students can also track their growing understanding with standards checklists. The posters promote awareness and ownership over the 6th grade social studies standards.

What's Included

134-page PDF

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