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Math | Grade 8 | Common Core

8th Grade Math Common Core State Standards Flip Chart Checklist

8th Grade Math Common Core State Standards Flip Chart Checklist
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Grade 8



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About This Product

8th Grade Math Common Core State Standards Flip Chart Checklist

An essential teaching tool for educators targeting eighth-grade mathematics curriculum. This compact flip chart addresses all the key elements of the 8th Grade Math Common Core State Standards, providing a single point of reference.

Key Features:

  • Serves as an organized documentation tool to track which standards have been covered during instruction and assessments.
  • Caters effectively to all aspects of an effective 8th grade math curriculum based on the common core standards. Includes all five domains and each standard cluster.
  • Offers ease-of-use – simply print it out, staple together, and it’s ready for classroom use!
  • Versatile across various educational settings such as whole group discussions or small group tasks.

This resource includes three printable pages that form a functional flip chart along with comprehensive instructions for assembly – designed to be user-friendly regardless of technical expertise or familiarity with similar tools. Additional licenses can be purchased for use across multiple classrooms or shared teaching duties.

A Tool For All Educators:

No matter whether you’re an experienced educator adapting your methodology toward updated standards or a homeschooler seeking clarity amid curricular requirements; our resource brings simplicity without sacrificing substance.


We understand time is valuable in your profession – let us streamline yours with our conveniently assembled 8th Grade Math Common Core State Standards Flip Chart Checklist. While this tool may not replace diligent teaching, it certainly complements extraordinary instruction by adding structure to planning processes.

What's Included

➡️  Here's what’s included in this CCSS Checklist:

Instructions for printing and assembly

3 printable pages that fold into a flip chart

Includes all 5 domains

Includes all standard clusters

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