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95 Nouns Sight Words, Playdough Mats

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About This Product

Introducing: 95 Nouns Sight Words Playdough Mats

The 95 Nouns Sight Words Playdough Mats is an engaging educational resource suitable for teachers and parents alike. With a clear focus on common nouns sight words, this set of playdough mats offers a hands-on learning experience that can enhance literacy skills and contribute to successful early reading and spelling.

List of Features

  • Covers 95 sight words including simple ones like 'apple', 'boat', 'cat' as well as complex terms such as ‘Christmas’, ‘Santa Claus’.
  • Tactile play for enjoyable learning which boosts fine motor skills, word recognition, and reading fluency.
  • Clear bold lettering for each word with an added blank space underneath for writing practice.
  • Versatile design that can be incorporated into existing lesson plans or used independently.

Educational Benefits and Uses

This resource provides several benefits in both classroom settings and at home:

  1. Ideal for whole group instructions,suitable also for smaller groups or individual workstations.
  2. Promotes learning continuity at home—parents can utilize these mats to support their child’s developing literacy skills during out-of-school hours or summer breaks, making homeschooling more interactive and effective.

The PDF file includes 48 pages (US Letter Size) aimed primarily at Grade 1-3 students focusing on Language Arts subjects including Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary integrated into exciting activities.

In Summary...

If you're seeking a combination of fun-filled yet factual teaching method aiming immense linguistic development –whether you are in traditional classrooms or at home - the 95 Nouns Sight Words Playdough Mats are a comprehensive, practical, and enjoyable tool to boost young learners' competence in reading and writing.

What's Included

1 PDF (48 Pages, US Letter Size)

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