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A Disaster Strikes: Read The Story To Reinforce Silent Letters (calm)

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Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

A Disaster Strikes: Read The Story To Reinforce Silent Letters (calm)

A comprehensive educational resource designed to facilitate the teaching of phonics and enhance reading skills. This pack is suitable for all learners, specifically targeting:

  • Children aged four years and above
  • Older students who might be struggling with reading
  • Those with learning difficulties
  • ESL learners

The provided material can be utilized either on a one-to-one basis or in small groups involving learner interactions alongside an educator or parent.

This strength of this product lies in its ingenious integration of distinct phonic sounds into the text. Students undertake an exciting journey with Sam, a lovable boy character, while simultaneously unlocking hidden phonetic sounds embedded within the story's framework. This approach helps them decode 80% of words they encounter in English by breaking them down to singular sounds or syllables.

To further bolster reinforcement and application of phonetic knowledge, additional reinforcing stories such as 'The Bouncing Castle' and 'The Famous Cousin From The Country' are included. By the end of learning through these packs, students should have improved confidence to dive into solo-reading books such as famous titles by Roald Dahl like 'George's Marvellous Medicine', and 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

Different packs can be selected based on individual sound requirements at any given time. For new non-readers, it is recommended that they start with initial phonic sounds before advancing towards more complex ones progressively.

Included Fun Activities:

  • Matching phrases to pictures: Helps in memory retention and word-sound recognition abilities.
  • Simple sketches: Appeals to students’ visual learning abilities, making the connection process between sounds and symbols effective & engaging.

Additional support:

Follwing up materials are provided via links giving access to expanded phonic-reading related content including:

  • Different worksheets

This resource is ideal for educators focusing on language arts, more specifically phonics, intended for Grades 1 through 3 and also Kindergarten students.

What's Included

18 pages

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phonics reading skills silent letters reinforcement educational resource

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