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A Quick Look At The Basics Of English Grammar (8 years +)

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A Quick Look At The Basics Of English Grammar (8 Years +)

This study pack is designed to offer an engaging approach to building English language skills for middle school-aged students and beyond. Particularly useful for those with English as a second language, it encompasses a wide range of techniques and strategies for improving written and spoken fluency in a fun, enjoyable way.

Key features include:
  • Tutorials and exercises tailored for intermediary-level learners.
  • Lessons on idioms and colloquial phrases common among native speakers, usually absent from standard textbooks.
  • Detailed explanations on preposition selection after verbs—an integral aspect of grammar—to help students communicate more naturally.

The lessons are presented in an imaginative way featuring our comic character 'Zoggy', who makes learning easy, fun and exciting. Students also get guidelines on drafting formal letters—a crucial part of communication—all throughout the practice sessions.

Vocabulary Building:

Bland words are subtly replaced by impressive alternatives to enrich users' linguistic abilities dramatically. This ensures effective vocabulary expansion among learners alongside enhancing their grammatical skills.

Educators Rejoice!

Educators can employ various techniques included herein: whole class instruction or small group activities. These worksheets can also be used as assignments for homework when reinforcement outside regular class time seems apt—providing ample flexibility within teaching plans.
Including this resource into your existing curriculum or homeschooling routine promises dramatic improvement in pupils’ grasp over the intricacies of English language—a systematic approach keeping bilingual speakers at heart is utilized.
Written lucidly with interesting exercises throughout, this learning resource guarantees substantial advancement among users irrespective of their current comfort level with the language.

What's Included

21 pages

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