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A Wrinkle In Time Characterization Book

A Wrinkle In Time Characterization Book
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

A Wrinkle In Time Characterization Book

An essential resource for educators exploring the iconic novel with their students. This tool brings understanding of "A Wrinkle In Time’s" main characters to life in an engaging, interactive manner.

Ideal for Educators
  • Grade Level: 5 - 8
  • Subject: Language Arts (Literature Focus)
  • Use: During or after reading

Character Analysis Simplified

This product contains detailed analysis of eight main characters from "A Wrinkle In Time" presented via interactive flip-books. Here, students can visually chart out textual evidence and their thoughts about each character.

User-friendly Format & Assessment Tools Included!

Creating these flip books is straightforward and practical even within time-constraint scenarios. Additionally included is a rubric that simplifies assessment for teachers while providing precise expectations to students on quality work standards.

Format & Accessibility

The A Wrinkle In Time Characterization Book comes as a readily printable or digitally usable PDF file, ideal for all teachers or homeschooling parents desiring vibrant teaching materials.

Versatile Teaching Settings:
  1. Whole-group sessions: Classroom discussions enhanced by collective insights harvested from organizers.
  2. Small group activities: Each group focuses on different characters.
  3. Tutoring sessions:Aiding individual comprehension abilities.
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  5. Homework assignments:Solo contemplation on individual character arcs.
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In conclusion,: A Wrinkle In Time Characterization Book provides an invaluable approach to bolstering students' analytical thinking while boosting their admiration for enduring literature.

What's Included

This flip book contains graphic organizers for eight of the main characters of A Wrinkle In Time . Requires students to use textual evidence to support their answers and is easy to put together. Great activity to help increase comprehension of the novel. Use while reading the novel or afterwards. Rubric included

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