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AAC Reading and Writing Development Task Cards 3

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About This Product

A helpful set of tools to help you teach reading and writing to people who use AAC. You can use them in a classroom, during therapy, or at home. The worksheets help with oral expression and learning to read and write. They are designed to help with telling stories and describing things in a way that is helpful for different learners. The task cards follow a natural path of learning to read and write from symbols to words to passages.

Every book has

  • A real picture to use for telling a story.

  • Three pages of colorful sentence strips and symbol cards to answer questions about who, what, where, when, weather, surroundings, thoughts, words, feelings, and after.

  • Three pages of colored sentence strips with word cards that answer questions about who, what, where, when, weather, around, think, say, feel, and after.

  • A list of clothing symbols on a single page.

  • A list of clothes words.

  • One page showing pictures or symbols of how someone looks.

  • A description of how someone looks with words.

  • Three pages of strips with sentences.

  • Three pages of strips with words that ask questions.

  • A board with symbols to answer questions. You can mix and match strips and use them with Velcro.

  • A board with the answers to different question themes. You can use it to point, circle, check, cut, and paste, or as laminated cards to stick together.

  • A one-page board with symbol answer cards for different question themes in order. You use them to make a short story that flows nicely.

  • A board with different word cards to make a story. The cards have answers and go in order to make a short story.

  • Three pages with different colored strips and short text cards to answer questions.

  • Four pages with short answer cards for the questions in the strips. Put them in order, point, circle, check, or write a short story.

  • Written passages to help you practice reading and writing in different ways.

  • A sheet with statements for you to say if they are true or false.

  • Questions that you can answer with a YES or NO.

It's great for kids who are just starting to read and write, as well as for students who have trouble learning or developing. It's designed for occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and special educational needs teachers.

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