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Abstract Rustic Boho Digital Paper | 12" x 12"

Abstract Rustic Boho Digital Paper | 12" x 12"
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About This Product

Abstract Rustic Boho Digital Paper: An Essential Tool for Educators

Imprinted with a distinct earthy aesthetic, this unique package contains modern, original, hand-drawn digital scrapbooking papers and beautifully crafted backgrounds. Ideal for educators in the public school system or homeschoolers focused on Art & Music or Graphic Arts subjects.

Main Features:

  • An assortment of eight JPEG and PDF document files with a high resolution for clarity.
  • Ideal size of 12" x 12"
  • Versatile for art projects such as binder covers creation and scrapbooking activities.

Digital Applicability:

For those looking to give their virtual education materials a fresh appeal, these designs can work magic: they can be used on planner stickers or transformed into interesting Instagram templates—enhancing engagement levels amongst students online.

A Variety of Uses:

  1. In Class Instruction: These resources are ideal to enhance whole class instruction techniques.
  2. In Study Circles: Similarly perfect for smaller cohesive study circles enabling better focus.
  3. User-friendly Homework Assignments: Set as an exciting homework assignment where learners get to individually experiment with these designs at home.
Note: No physical items will be shipped upon purchase—it’s environmentally friendly! Purchase Access: The Abstract Rustic Boho Digital Paper collection is primarily intended for personal use. For small commercial usage; all that's required would be appropriate attribution back toward the original product listing site.

Enrich your teaching experience through the versatile use of Abstract Rustic Boho Digital Paper.

What's Included

What you get: 

- 10 high resolution JPEG files

- 10 high resolution PDF files

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