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Neon Rainbow Digital Paper | 12" x 12"

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About This Product

Neon Rainbow Digital Paper | 12" x 12"

This is a vibrant and modern set of digital paper resources designed to add an appealing visual touch to various educational scenarios. This resource stands out for its bright and upbeat aesthetic, enlivening ordinary teaching materials and sparking student interest.

Hand-drawn with care, these high-quality images enrich learning environments, particularly in Art & Music-related subjects. However, they have no grade or subject limitations. The potential uses are as diverse as your creativity allows - from sprucing up binder covers and planner stickers to designing blog or Instagram templates that visually strike.

Pack Content

  • A total of 10 high-resolution JPEG files.
  • The same number of PDFs packed into a zipped file.
  • Meticulous design focus on the neon rainbow theme with ample variations for different classroom needs.
  • Twenty carefully crafted papers that you can quickly download without waiting for physical shipping.

Possible Uses:

  1. Add flair to homework assignments;
  2. Create vibrant resources for whole group instruction;
  3. Differentiate study materials for small groups;
  4. "Or even devise engaging independent work tasks – the choice is yours!"

The Neon Rainbow Digital Paper | 12" x 12" brings an opportunity to incorporate artful elements into any teaching situation – fostering an atmosphere where both creativity and learning thrive!

What's Included

1 Zipped File consists of high-resolution images.

Resource Tags

digital paper neon rainbow vibrant backgrounds high resolution images art and music resources

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