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ACE Word Family Sorting Activities

ACE Word Family Sorting Activities
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

ACE Word Family Sorting Activities: A premier teaching resource designed to introduce the ACE word family concept through engaging, hands-on exercises. Primarily aimed at learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1 with a focus on Language Arts and Phonics. Main Exercises:
  1. Differentiation between ACE family words and unrelated words.
  2. Sifting out pictures that belong to the ACE word family from those that do not.
  3. Distinguishing between real and nonsensical ACE words.
Ease of Preparation: Printing pages, cutting out sorting cards – quick preparation with options to laminate for durability. Note: Once laminated, these pieces can become staples of interactive literacy centers for long-term usage! Variety of Applications: This product opens doors to inventive associative exercises such as:
  • File folder sorting activity
  • Magnetic cookie tray sorting activity
Depending on available resources – either attach fasteners or magnets behind sorted cards! Employ these activities during:
  • Early Finishers Tasks: A productive way for keen students stay engaged while peers catch up.
  • Independent Work Sessions:Foster self-study abilities.
  • Social Group Engagements:Promote student interaction through cooperative learning.
    Enhance reading skills while maintaining learners' interest with our comprehensive digital PDFs - Boosting phonemic awareness among emergent readers and making learning fun!

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