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ACE Word Family Cut and Paste Worksheets

An educational teaching resource from The Connett Connection entitled ACE Word Family Cut and Paste Worksheets downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

ACE Word Family Cut and Paste Worksheets: An Ideal Educational Tool

The ACE Word Family Cut and Paste Worksheets are a powerful education resource, primarily designed for kindergarten and first-grade students. This tool aids in smooth comprehension and usage of CVCe words by children through the application of the silent e or magic e spelling rule.

Structure & Benefits

Each worksheet adopted within this packet comes with varied exercises that aim to systematically improve phonics skill. Students can practice:

  • Matching pictures with ACE words,
  • Differentiating authentic ACE words from nonsensical ones,
  • Sorting them out in alphabetical order.

This allows learners to fully explore their ability, either individually or within distinct word categories.

A Fun Learning Experience

Easing off monotony from regular educational modules, these worksheets come equipped with detailed images that help young minds comprehend better. The activities included keep the lessons enlivening instead of being tedious lectures about alphabets.

Versatile Applications

Satisfying different scenarios like literary centers or small group classes etc., these worksheets can be part of traditional homework routines or used flexibly when a substitute teacher takes over due to sudden circumstances.

Promised Skills & Ease of Use

    Besides honing reading skills via CVCe Words' successful usage, these sheets also facilitate:
  • Distinguishing between real and nonsensical words;
  • Cultivating logical thinking abilities among kids via mastering alphabetical order which is crucial for their later academic years.

No need for preparation is required for these sheets. Teachers simply need to print them out! The added convenience of learning how to read and practicing spelling has never been easier.


All procedures are aligned with student-centric guidelines, promoting engaging coursework while also honing spelling capabilities effectively—thus making learning a delightful endeavour.

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