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Activities for SPRING

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About This Product

This product combines a variety of activities, suitable for primary school classes and special education.

It includes the following activities:

-Trace and colour

-Write words that you spot in the picture

-Give your own title to the picture.

-Write a few words to describe the picture.

In addition, the product can also be used at home, in cases of cultivating fine motor skills and observation skills, as well as vocabulary development.

-Includes exercises for practicing handwriting and fine mobility.

-Also uitable for early learning, preschool, kindergarten and special education.

I offer the follwing relevant products that you might find interesting

Trace and colour 4 (farm animimals)

Trace and colour 7 (school stuff)

Trace and colour 6 (farm animals)

Trace and colour 5 (farm animals)

Trace and colour 8 (means of transportation)

Trace and colour 3

Trace and colour 9 (football-soccer)

Trace and colour 1

Trace and clolour 2

Additionally, I offer Spring, Winter, Summer and Fall/Autumn sets of vocabulary words that you can find here:

Summer Vocabulary Part 1

Summer Vocabulary Part 2

Fall/Autumn Vocabulary Part 1

Fall/Autumn Vocabulary Part 2

Spring Vocabulary Part 1

Spring Vocabulary Part 2

Winter: Vocabulary (word-wall)

Also, I offer POSTERS related to the 4 seasons

Seasons (4 A4 posters)

The 4 seasons (A4 poster)

What's Included

2 A4 printable worksheets included

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