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Look at the picture and write about SPRING 1

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Look at the Picture and Write About Spring 1 This spring-themed resource develops essential life skills in students of all ages and abilities. The large printable image fosters creative thinking as students make observations and use sensory details to describe the scene. Activities scaffold from whole-group oral discussion to independent creative writing. Students imagine what happened before and after the pictured moment, building narrative skills. The vivid image and sequencing activity oblige students to use rich spring vocabulary in their writing. Extend learning with companion vocabulary resources covering all four seasons. Post the engaging spring image in the classroom to prompt ongoing discussion. With cross-curricular links to science and art, this versatile resource builds observation, speaking, and writing skills relevant to real-world contexts.

What's Included

It includes four printable colourful A4 pages

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spring 4 seasons creative writing sensory writing describing strategies

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