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Add and Subtract in Swahili

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About This Product

Add and Subtract in Swahili

Add and Subtract in Swahili is an innovative resource that bridges the gap between cultures, languages, and basic math skills. This product is aimed at first to third graders learning about continents, cultures or fundamental mathematics knowledge.

Introduction to Language and Culture

In exploring this resource, students are initially introduced to the basics of the Swahili language through:

  • Two comprehensive learning guides providing crucial background information on Swahili.
  • A map highlighting countries where this language is spoken.

Merge of Language Learning with Mathematics:

To enhance language acquisition alongside teaching mathematics:

  • An well-structured math chart depicts digits from 0-10 both in English as well as their corresponding number words written in Swahili.
  • An educational YouTube link for auditory familiarization with number pronunciations in Swahili is provided for student's convenience.
    • Orienting Around Application-Based Learning:

      The second half engages students indirectly into equations—utterly expressed via elegant word form enacted entirely using Swahili digits from 0-10 , not only bestowing them a hands-on understanding involving addition and subtraction but also formidably enhancing their fledgling foreign linguistic skills.

      Possible Instructional Uses:
      1. This resource can be displayed via projectors during class time facilitating whole group instruction.
      2. Apart from a classroom setup—it could also be assigned as homework promoting individual self-study sessions.

      Included Parts:
      • A teacher's guide about the basics of the Swahili language.
      • Illustrations indicating digit representations from 0-10.
      • Carefully curated worksheets.

      An enclosed answer key helps professionals navigate teaching instructions effortlessly while providing readily available solutions. This ensures uninterrupted ,smooth classes by keeping instructors clear of uncharted grounds.

      Curriculum Alignment:

      The product perfectly aligns with Grade 1 to Grade 3 curriculums by offering an innovative way to teach addition and subtraction infused with a cultural and linguistic component.

What's Included

2 learning guides

2 worksheets

answer key

Resource Tags

Swahili language Mathematics Cultural integration Addition and subtraction Language acquisition swahili numbers 1-10

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