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Add, Subtract & Multiply Fractions in Recipes - CCSS 4.NF.B.3 & NF.B.4

Add, Subtract & Multiply Fractions in Recipes - CCSS 4.NF.B.3 & NF.B.4
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Grade 4

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About This Product

Add, Subtract & Multiply Fractions in Recipes - CCSS 4.NF.B.3 & NF.B.4

This comprehensive teaching resource is designed for educators focusing on 4th-grade fraction curriculum. It masterfully combines mathematical learning with real-world examples, specifically from the culinary world of various global cultures. The pack includes tasks for addition, subtraction, and multiplication of fractions with identical denominators and whole numbers.


  • A wide array of task cards based on authentic recipes from different countries encouraging students to perform fraction tasks relative to the ingredients
  • Inclusion of a digital element comprising interactive Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations mirroring content from task cards
  • An inclusive educational resource that comes with full color and black-and-white versions, student recording sheets in three formats (for easy progress tracking), and an answer key for hassle-free comprehension checks by teachers

The Add, Subtract & Multiply Fractions teaching resource can seamlessly adapt to various teaching methodologies, be it holistic class lessons or engaging small group instructions, making it an ideal asset for your classroom!

You can now bring cultural diversity into your classrooms while instilling a sense of numerical excellence in kids when you use this kit as part of your math-focused units.


Paying heed to CSSS standards including Number Operations - Fractions among others ensures a meaningful learning experience that teachers can count upon reliably. This versatile package serves best under topics such as Social Studies, Geography and obviously,Fractions specifically catered towards Grade 4 students. Thus it promises 'Simple yet Effective Fraction Learning'!

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