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Adding Coin Values, Worksheets For Automaticity

Adding Coin Values, Worksheets For Automaticity
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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

Adding Coin Values, Worksheets For Automaticity

Adding Coin Values, Worksheets For Automaticity is an effective resource for grade 1 to grade 3 students aimed at instilling proficiency in adding different coin values. The simple yet well-designed worksheets are aptly suited for mature learners who might find the oversimplified visuals of most lower-level worksheets unappealing.

This all-inclusive collection comprises of:

  • A total of 40 pages that dwell upon specific coins and their various combinations.
  • Three sets of worksheets each focusing on quarters, dimes, and nickels separately.
  • Four exclusive sheets incorporating mixed coins with either two or three types per sheet.
  • In addition to these, there are two extra sheets involving all four coins together for those seeking a bit more challenge.

An additional feature is the provision of thorough directions and teacher recording sheets to monitor progress. This learning package also includes handy coin mats as visual aids complementing these exercises which can aid visualization and practical application during teaching sessions.

The Versatility: The Adding Coin Values Worksheets' adaptable nature allows seamless integration into large classroom instructions, small group activities or individual homework assignments.

Digital Compatibility & Printability

The resources come in PDF format ensuring compatibility across different devices whilst maintaining high content quality—all ready-to-print at your discretion considering your teaching approach or academic policy.

Educational Equity Within Curriculum Subjects:

  • Main focus lies on bolstering mathematical skills specifically related financial literacy such as Money Sub-Subject Learning Outcomes directly aligned with each grade level from Grade 1 through Grade 3 classrooms.

This bountiful pack of practical resources is set to be a staple for any public school or homeschooling environment—helping shape your learners' basic financial skills through guided Adding Coin Values Worksheets For Automaticity.

What's Included

Included Please Find: 40 Pages

3 Worksheets For Adding Quarters

3 Worksheets For Adding Dimes

3 Worksheets For Adding Nickels

4 Worksheets For Adding Mixed Coins {2 coins}

4 Worksheets For Adding Mixed Coins {3 coins}

2 Bonus Worksheets For Adding All 4 coins


Teacher Recording Sheets

Coin Mats {visual support}

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