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Addition Facts Self Checking Flash Cards for Sums up to 10

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Kindergarten, Grade 1



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About This Product

Addition Facts Self Checking Flash Cards for Sums Up To 10 These addition flash cards provide students with engaging, independent practice of addition facts within 10. The 78 cards cover every addition fact combination for sums of 0-10. Each card displays an addition problem on the front. Students solve the problem mentally or with counters, then self-check their answer by opening the card. These hands-on flash cards allow for differentiated practice through the optional use of counting manipulatives. Ideal implementation options include math centers or stations, morning tubs, task boxes, small groups, or even as an addition facts game. The included instructions detail how to print, cut, fold, and laminate the flash cards for durability. After one-time prep, these addition cards become a reusable, self-contained resource for building fluency with basic facts. Skills targeted include addition within 10. Suitable for individual, small group, or whole class activities in K-1.

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