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Addition grade 4

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About This Product

Addition Grade 4

Addition Grade 4 is a comprehensive teaching resource specifically designed for educators to reinforce addition concepts related to whole numbers, decimal numbers, and addition of three numbers. Aimed at learners in grade 3, grade 4, and grade 5 studying world languages and French sub-subjects. This resource takes form as worksheets saved as a downloadable PDF file spanning across twenty-three informative pages.

Educational Tool Purpose

This educational tool serves multiple purposes. It not only contains lessons but also exercises, homework tasks and quizzes systematically arranged for progressive learning. The logical sequence of the content allows for easy navigation; starting from straightforward addition tables followed by practices linked with what's learned so far.

  • In-depth lessons on general addition principles commence at page six.
  • Focused studies on adding without carrying (scénario1 sans retenue) are found in subsequent pages along with corrective activities.
  • Homework assignments directly linked to these lessons are included in this booklet promoting independent learning prospects building with self-assessment opportunities thereafter allowing an even allotment of time between direct instruction and individual practice enhancing not only mastery but also confidence in arithmetic skills of the learners.

Unique Features

This educational resource includes unique features such as quizzes aimed at testing acquired knowledge; steps on how to add three numbers; how-to pointers about decimals upto hundredths place aiding critical thinking exercices etc.,simultaneously enabling tracking progress constructively by teachers or parents.
This ultimately leads towards an immersive outdoor setting engagement into classroom subject matter strengthening concept understanding. Addition Grade 4 can be beneficially used during teacher-led whole class discussions after explanation or it can efficiently serve during small-group tutoring sessions where personalized attention is crucial. Homework assignments can also be used for reinforcement of concept understanding.

What's Included

1 pdf and 23 pages

Resource Tags

addition concepts whole numbers decimal numbers three numbers practice activities

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