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French: Additions et soustractions

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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Title: French: Additions et soustractions

Unlock the joy of learning basic mathematics in a foreign language with 'French: Additions et soustractions'. This instructional resource, uniquely designed for students from grade 3 to 5, presents an exquisite blend of world language learning and fundamental arithmetic in a fun and engaging approach.

Dedicated to enhancing students' fluency in French while bolstering their proficiency in addition and subtraction, this book functions as an excellent platform integrating linguistic skills with mathematical concepts. The resource strikes an idyllic balance between educational depth and enjoyable activities, keeping pupils engaged whilst boosting their learning experience.

'French: Additions et soustractions' Provides:

  • Various exercises including worksheets testing the students' understanding of arithmetic operations posed through questions framed exclusively in French.
  • Game-based tasks aimed at identifying common addition mistakes thus advancing mistake spotting capabilities - a crucial skill for budding mathematicians!
  • A range of problem-solving opportunities that trigger the application of critical thinking among learners.

Welcome to our magic tricks section based on adding or subtracting numbers—practising mathematics has never been so magical! Flourish your prowess over French while sprinkling some math magic!

The content comes complete with an answer key serving as a convenient solution guide assisting tutors with proper grading thereby facilitating effective evaluation. Available as one easily navigable PDF file comprising 33 well-structured pages, enjoy knowledge enriched content elegantly arranged making it easy-to-follow even for young learners.

In summary, whether you aspire towards planning whole-class instruction, conducting small-group lessons or assigning homework tasks — 'French: Additions et soustractions' ensures that additive maths problems no longer pose any subtractions in your venture into world languages!

What's Included

1 pdf and 33 pages

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foreign language learning basic mathematics addition subtraction French

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