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French: Problème de maths addition et soustraction, grade 4

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Grade 3, 4, 5





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Problème de maths addition et soustraction, grade 4

This high-quality educational resource primarily targets fourth-grade students. It delivers a dual benefit with both mathematics skills strengthening and French language learning.

Main Features:
  • Focusses on the basics of addition and subtraction.
  • Purposefully designed solution keys for self-correction.
  • Aids in stimulating group debates in whole or small-group lessons.

This comprehensive teaching aid starts with easy-to-understand lessons before progressing to challenging exercises that reinforce class concepts. The approach ensures rote memorization isn't sole focus and instead fosters deeper understanding through engagement.

Content Overview:
  • Addition general lesson begins from page eight while complex subjects like subtraction scenarios are found from page twelve onwards—Ease progression allowing students to build on their knowledge base seamlessly.
  • Incorporating wide-ranging topics like routine life scenarios such as restaurant visits (pages 46-47) and school activities (page 62)—Ensures high student engagement by providing real-world application context to numerical problems.

The entire learning material is incorporated into a 103-page PDF file, making it suitable for both printouts or digital viewings—an adaptable feature ideal for virtual classrooms or traditional classroom environments alike.

Educational Relevance: This extensive resource perfectly meets requirements of children studying between grades three through five—Thus, demonstrating flexibility across varying learner levels.
Boost your student's mathematical abilities alongside enhancing their French conversational skills—an academic blend set to augment your learners towards an efficient scholastic journey.

What's Included

1 pdf and 103 pages

Resource Tags

mathematics addition subtraction French language learning fourth grade

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