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Addition Practice Worksheet

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About This Product

This is an Addition Practice Worksheet for your students to complete.


Students will get to practice the numbers 1-12 in this activity.


There are 4 pages in all. There are 3 boxes on each page.


Within each box, there are a certain number of little jellybeans.


Students will count the jellybeans and write the total number in the box.


This can be printed and distributed to students for an early finisher or independent activity.


You can also print and laminate these pages. Students can use dry erase markers to write their answer. This way it can be easily erased/wiped off and used again.


You can turn this into a fun competition activity by seeing which student can get all the right answers first!


You could also utilize this addition activity in small groups so you can assess student mastery. You are looking to see if students can correctly count objects. Furthermore, you are looking to see if they can write the correct answers. Sometimes, students can verbalize the number, but cannot correctly write the number. By using this activity during small group, you can figure out which students have mastered this, and which students need additional support.


This may be an ongoing activity used in a preschool class. It will also be resourceful at the start of the school year in a kindergarten classroom.

What's Included

A printable 4-page PDF

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