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Let’s Practise Addition (9-12 years)

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Grade 4, 5, 6





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About This Product

Let's Practise Addition (9-12 years) is a comprehensive teaching resource particularly curated for students in Grades 4-6. With its 43-pages of math problem sets, it focuses primarily on simplifying and mastering addition which is a key skill in mathematics. This interactive tool engages students effectively and fosters understanding of core mathematical concepts. The resource brings value through:
  • An extensive set of practice exercises beyond traditional textbooks to provide deeper insights into the subject matter.
  • A structured design that addresses common challenges faced by students with each page filled with unique problems aimed at reinforcing underlying mathematical principles gradually.
  • Suitability for varied learning settings such as whole group instruction in classrooms, small group activity sessions or even assigned homework tasks emphasizing proficiency through consistent practice.
A significant feature, that sets 'Let’s Practise Addition' apart from others is its theory that 'repetition leads to retention' which then cultivates understanding. Furthermore, this resource includes:
  1. Solutions package offering immediate access to educators for evaluating student performance or to facilitate guided problem-solving discussions—saving time spent formulating responses independently.
  2. The digital format of a PDF file ensuring compatibility with varying digital platforms such as tablets or interactive whiteboards while also ensuring content protection—an essential aspect considering the current trend towards digitization in academia.
Teaching can be challenging but finding quality learning resources should not have mean the same—'Let’s Practise Addition (9-12 years)' can bridge this gap leading your pathway towards unlocking mathematical proficiency.

What's Included

43 pages

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