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All About Mathematics Interactive Slideshow

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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

If you need a way for students to learn about being a mathematician while thinking critically about math in a fun way, this All About Mathematics resource is for you!


Students will get to learn about the different aspects of mathematics including testing and observation, the mathematical investigation process, and so much more! Then students will have the opportunity to show what they know! They may create an acrostic poem, go on a number hunt, or drag and drop definitions on the screen.


After thinking critically about mathematics, your students will wrap this lesson up by designing their own math machine. There are so many opportunities for peer work and engagement through this All About Mathematics slideshow!

What's Included

You receive an editable slideshow with 39 slides:

-Informative slides with math definitions

-Interactive slides for students to type in text boxes

-Interactive slides for students to explore numbers

-A final slide with instructions to culminate their learning through a math design activity

Resource Tags

math lesson math games mathematics number hunt mathemetician

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