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Alphabet Construction Wood Print

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About This Product

Alphabet Construction Wood Print: A Resourceful Teaching Tool

The Alphabet Construction Wood Print is targeted towards early learners, kindergarten children, and first graders taking their first steps in mastering the English language - focusing on phonics education.

Enhance Learning through Play-based Activities

This product optimizes alphabet memorization and encourages letter construction to strengthen phonics skills and enhance memory capacity. It also fine-tunes children's motor skills as they maneuver with wooden shapes during construction.

Included Features of the Product

  • 26 Instructional Task Cards: Each card features both lower and upper case forms for each alphabet.
  • Printable Wooden Shapes: These serve as construction material for young students- enhancing an immersive learning experience.

Versatile Application Scenarios in a Teaching Schedule

The product allows utilization during dedicated language arts or phonics lessons, literacy centres or even quiet time exercises at home for homeschooling parents. They can also potentially be used around classrooms as wall tiles or posters to provide visual cues reinforcing phonetics-related learnings.
Note:. Preparation involves printing out the wooden shape pieces/cutting them accordingly; print/ring binding instructional task cards. Nominal upfront prep => enabling effortless letters constructions! Laminating before use increases durability making these reusable resources—adding value by extending their lifespan significantly! This innovative approach makes language arts education more exciting while improving children's abilities simultaneously! It thereby scaffolds early childhood cognitive development—one alphabet block at a time!

What's Included

About this product

This product contains 26 instructional task cards in both lower and upper case and printable wooden shapes for construction.

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