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Alphabet Letter of the Week Letter A

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About This Product

Alphabet Letter of The Week: Letter A

The "Alphabet Letter of the Week Letter A" teaching resource is an engaging and comprehensive packet designed to introduce students to the letter "A". As educators know, a child's initial experience with letters and their sounds forms a crucial foundation for more advanced reading skills. This product sets out to make that journey easy, fun, and productive.

Multi-Modal Learning Tools

  • Hands-on learning tools for both lowercase and uppercase versions of the letter "A".
  • Multipurpose phonics instructional material.
  • Ideal for group lessons on identifying and tracing letters or small group activities focused on drawing letter A pictures.
  • Serves independent homework assignments reinforcing in-class learning.

Learner Engagement Features

  1. Sight words flashcards: Featuring both US and British English spellings - 'a', 'the', 'is'.
  2. Creative Tasks: Constructing booklets or crafting an ‘I’m a Letter A Champ’ crown; these hands-on activities promote motor skills. .

    The addition of geoboard work allows children to explore geometric patterns related to the letter formation—blending math concepts with language arts! Adding another dimensionality layer.
    With options ranging from coloring pages to glitter gluing—the Alphabet Letter of The Week:Letter A offers practice opportunities across multiple settings. It is adaptable for classrooms as well homeschooling environments due to its academic efficacy and interactivity quotient.

    To instill joy in learning, it introduces wheel-based activity involving word recognition alongside finger puppetry using ant-shaped templates! The lesson concludes with a sense of accomplishment among students after their weeklong rendezvous with ‘A’.

    The comprehensive nature of this product means educators have fewer things they need to piece together, making lesson planning simpler and efficient. All the files are provided in an accessible PDF format.

    “Alphabet Letter of The Week: Letter A” : An Ideal Launchpad for Learner's Literacy Journey

    This versatile teaching resource targets early learning years from preschool through kindergarten, promising an engaging launch pad for a learner’s literacy journey.

What's Included


✅ Letter A Poster and 6 visual cards

✅ Booklet Cover

✅ ‘About Me’ page

✅ Tracing and writing uppercase and lowercase A

✅ Identifying the letter A

✅ Coloring the letter A

✅ Sorting the letter A

✅ Spinning the letter A

✅ Finding the letter A

✅ Drawing letter A pictures

✅ Creating a glittering letter A with glue and glitter

✅ Letter A maze, puzzle and join the dots fun

✅ Letter A visual cut outs

✅ Letter A dab the dots

✅ Letter A color by code

✅ Letter A Geoboard

✅ Summary sheet of the letter A

✅ Sight words practice (3 sheets): 'a, the, is'


✅ Mini Letter A words and visual one page booklet

✅ ‘I’m a Letter A Champ’ crown

✅ ‘I’m a Letter A Champ’ bracelet

✅ Mini flipbook on letter A words and visuals

✅ Ant finger puppet templates (6 on a page)

✅ Ant Stick Puppets (4 on a page)

✅ Letter A Words and visuals 6 sections wheel

Resource Tags

letter A phonics instruction hands-on activities literacy skills early learning environment

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