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America Through the Centuries: 1600s Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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About This Product

America Through the Centuries: 1600s Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

This comprehensive teaching resource aims to help educators journey through American history starting from the 1600s. This interactive ebook is both engaging and informative, perfect for educators wanting to impart knowledge about important events, notable personalities, and significant innovations that shaped America during this era.

Delving into the Past in Detail

The Ebook provides interesting insights into lifestyles of the period stretching from life in New England right to Virginia. It covers aspects like:

  • Food habits,
  • Attire,
  • Residential structures and more.

The material presented is thorough yet very accessible, making it suitable for children across a wide range of grades – kindergarten all the way through grade eight.

Inclusive Study Guide & Clear Instructions

This resource comes with a detailed study guide as well as clear instructions and templates guiding on how to use it most effectively. Whether used as standalone learning material or in conjunction with other history curriculums — this resource aligns perfectly!

Possible Implementation Methods:
  • Larger classroom discussions introducing new topics

  • Detailed small group interactions delving deeper into historical events

  • Homing assignments compelling students explore further independently
  • / Just few examples of how versatile “America Through the Centuries: 1600s Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK"

Pdf Format & Wide Coverage

The ebook, accessible via download in PDF format spread over 58 pages, is enriched with meticulously curated Social Studies content focusing on US History. It serves as a valuable teaching aid for traditional school teachers or those homeschooling their children.

What's Included

58 pages in PDF format

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