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America Through the Centuries: 1700s Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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About This Product

America Through the Centuries: 1700s Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

This is a comprehensive educational resource specially designed for K-8 educators targeting US History. This particular installment focuses specifically on the broad canvas of the 1700s in American history, a period rife with transformative events and figures whose impact still resonates today.

Major focuses within this resource include:
  • The French and Indian War
  • American Revolution
  • Cotton gin invention
  • Electricity discoveries by Benjamin Franklin, among others.

To enrich learning, it also provides insights into day-to-day lifestyle elements such as food choices and clothing styles prevalent at that time. The objective is to help students better understand how everyday people lived during those times, making historical learning more relatable and enjoyable.

This eBook comes with:
  • Over 75 PDF pages

    In-depth look at significant events and individuals who shaped America's history in the 1700s.

     and templates for creating an interactive lapbook or notebook. These can be used as independent learning tools or integrated into other social studies curriculums.
  • Specially designed formats appropriate for K-8 students in various maturity levels.
  • Ease of adaptability to cater to diverse student groups — perfect for public school teachers managing large classrooms or homeschoolers teaching multiple-aged children under one roof.
  • Focusing on individual learner pace and style— America Through The Centuries: 1700s pdf format doesn’t require physical shipment and allows for instant download ready for use at any convenient time.

What's Included

75 pages in PDF format

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