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American Civil War: Major Figures Gr. 5-8

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History: USA


Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

American Civil War: Major Figures Gr. 5-8

This is an in-depth teaching resource focusing on the crucial figures and high-stakes developments of the turbulent years from 1861 to 1865. This valuable resource assists the diligent educator in bringing context to one of America's most devastating conflicts, allowing students to gain an understanding of a civil war fought on their own soil.

Educational Scope and Objectives

The tool enables educators, whether operating in public schools or maintaining a homeschooling environment, to present the American Civil War from multiple angles.

  • Dissects and discusses the multifaceted causes rooted in slavery, industry versus agriculture disputes, and contentious state rights.
  • Teaching becomes more personal as learners explore Abraham Lincoln's contributions alongside those by J Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee.
  • Ventures beyond traditional battles and strategies; delves into societal impacts such as how women and African Americans were affected by this era-defining conflict.
  • Underlines significant moments like Lincoln's Gettysburg Address or notable encounters at locations like Fort Sumter.

Inclusive Learning Material

This comprehensive teaching aid provides additional resources for better reinforcement; these include:

  1. Crosswords puzzles

  2. Suttle quizzes for content review

A Glimpse into Legislative Changes Post-Civil War:

An examination of changes resultant from these events – specifically highlighting amendments made to the U.S Constitution post-war (13th -15th Amendments).

This guide adheres well to State Standards while upholding educational best practices aligned with Bloom's Taxonomy principles guiding lesson development’s cognitive qualities—from everyday tasks like simple recall memory tasks through complex problem-solving efforts that demand profound analysis abilities.

About The Product

In conclusion, this digital product has been tactfully crafted for easy download as a PDF file; it forms an essential part in any grader level ranging Grade 5 through Grade 8 Social Studies curriculum focusing primarily on USA history.

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