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American Revolution Lapbook / Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

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History: USA


Grade 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8





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About This Product

The American Revolution Lapbook/Interactive Notebook - EBOOK

This superb educational resource serves as an engaging teaching guide for educators navigating the historical journey of America's origin. It delves deep into the significant period of the American Revolution, facilitating student exploration of this influential era.

  • Caters to students from 2nd through 8th grade and can be adapted for older students
  • Incorporates comprehensive student instructions and all required templates
  • Includes a well-rounded Teacher's/Study Guide, ideal for educators striving for excellent learning outcomes alongside convenience.

An Interactive Experience Beyond Traditional History Lessons!

The unique format of this lapbook extends beyond standard history lessons. Buy this downloadable e-resource in PDF form at and let your students engage with history through an exciting process involving cutting, folding, gluing — ultimately creating!

Engage Tactilely with Key Figures and Events!

With our Interactive Notebook, students won't just read about key figures like George Washington or Benjamin Franklin; they'll engage tactilely with their stories. They won't only learn about events such as the Boston Tea Party or understand tax rebellions; they will participate in them by completing activities in their lapbooks.

An All-in-One Resource Nurturing Young Historians!

This notebook allows learners to embark on a captivating journey from John Locke’s philosophies inspiring rebellion against Britain’s rule to King George's responses culminating in the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 - making every aspect interesting and ensuring that learning is both deep-seated and enjoyable.

Versatile Applications Across Learning Styles!

The lapbook works for group symposiums, individual or small group tasks, and even as stimulating homework assignments that promote hands-on learning.

Bring alive the spirit of American independence in your classroom!

Whether you are a homeschooler or a school teacher, this eBook provides step-by-step instructions to teach your students about the most significant events of early American history. Let them feel the excitement and thirst for freedom as they engage with each turn of events on their journey through the American Revolution.

What's Included

63 pages in PDF format

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Revolutionary War American Revolution Lapbook Interactive Notebook History education

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