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Ancient Civilizations: Greece Unit Study

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Grade 3, 4, 5, 6



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Ancient Civilizations: Greece Unit Study

The Ancient Civilizations: Greece Unit Study serves as a comprehensive toolkit for educators introducing their students to ancient Greek civilization. This package is suitable for teachers and home-schoolers instructing grades 3-6 in social studies classes.

  • Geographical Landscapes: Students explore geographies of ancient Greece such as The Parthenon and Aegean Islands through colorful maps.
  • Famous Figures: Person knowledge strips featuring key personalities including Aristotle and Alexander the Great are also included.
  • Literacy Components: Tailored book recommendations, both fiction and non-fiction, engulf students into the rich culture of Ancient Greece while vocabulary strips aid learners in grasping key terms like ‘Philosophy’ or ‘Democracy’
  • YouTube Videos: Suggested YouTube videos about various aspects of ancient Greek life capture the interest of digital-native learners.
  • Craft Projects & Games: Students can recreate artifacts like Amphora (baskets), Lyre (musical instruments), Kotinos Wreath (national symbol), coin systems etc. through provided craft projects. Thematic spelling words about infamous events from this time period are used in interesting matching games related to Greek gods.
  • Writing Prompts: The unit concludes with writing prompts across several genres that encourage both students' and teachers' conceptualization, thereby integrating writing into history lessons seamlessly.

    This comprehensive resource aids you in introducing your pupils to one of civilization's most fascinating eras – Ancient Greece! Enjoy!

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