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Animated Song: 5 Little Ducks VI

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About This Product

Animated Song: 5 Little Ducks VI

Learning has never been so engaging and fun than with the Animated Song: 5 Little Ducks VI. This is a hands-on teaching resource that gears towards enhancing the following student skills:

  • Literacy
  • Language
  • Spelling and Vocabulary.

This marvelous tool is perfect for public school teachers, homeschoolers or even parents looking to make education more captivating at home.

The animated PowerPoint teaches through an interesting interactive sequence with all of 25 slides filled with high contrast visuals and delightful sounds effects that keep your little learners fully absorbed in each lesson. Students follow along the narration until each star symbol is reached, upon which a click triggers an animation related to what was read before.

In consideration of students with visual impairment; this learning resource uses simplified high contrast graphics and text against contrasting black background. Furthermore, the animations use built-in movement patterns creating a focal point for understanding better.

'Safe-zone': Integrated feature attached to page numbers for making switch navigation training easier. Note:
Can be viewed from both large classroom screens as well as smaller screens like computer monitors or tablets via free Microsoft PowerPoint App.

Versatile Usage Settings:


The Animated Song can be conveniently used in various educational environments including but not limited to:

  • Few groups (via interactive whiteboards)
  • In small groups
  • In individual assignments as homework etc...
Finally, this product subtly incorporates elements of Art fostering creativity along its musical teachings! Welcome these Five Little Ducks today!

What's Included

25-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

animated song interactive learning literacy skills development visual impairment support flexible teaching resource

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