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Animated Song: Baby What's Wrong VI

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About This Product

Animated Song: Baby What's Wrong VI - A Teaching Tool

Product Overview:

This interactive resource is an engaging teaching tool created specifically for educators working with preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders. Utilizing the power of music and animation, this 8-slide PowerPoint nurtures learning through interaction.

Main Features:
  • An easy to follow song animated to its lyrics enhances vocabulary learning.
  • A high contrast design caters for students with Visual Impairment (VI) following guidelines for inclusivity in educational content. White or yellow texts are set against a black background, making them easier to see.
  • Sounds effects reinforce concepts being discussed, providing added support for VI students.
  • The product is flexible in terms of screen size adaptability - from large interactive whiteboards up to smaller devices like tablets using free Microsoft PowerPoint app.
Additional Tools:

This resource also includes a ‘safe zone’ linked with page numbers which serve as useful training tools when switching between programs or software during lessons.

Note: This resource can be utilized in small group settings where children could practice vocabulary through repetition. It can be sung all together as part of whole group activities fostering camaraderie while building linguistic skills! Homework could also become more engaging by sending this fun assignment home!

What's Included

8-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

interactive song music education visual impairment inclusive learning engagement

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