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Animated Song: 5 Little Pumpkins VI

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About This Product

The Animated Song: 5 Little Pumpkins VI is a creative and engaging teaching resource designed to target literacy, language, AAC, and academic goals for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and students in grades one and two. It accomplishes this through the following:

  • A series of seven interactive PowerPoint slides that offer a step-by-step song centered around the theme of autumn.
  • An educational tool predominantly designed for music and art studies, involving elements that encourage motor skills development as well as concept retention among the young learners.

Not only will students enhance their counting abilities through the friendly tune of '5 Little Pumpkins,' but they will also reinforce their acquired knowledge with playful animations accompanying each verse.

  • Each page encompasses a text passage followed by an animated scene representative of what has been read; thus guiding learners' understanding along stages of the song in accordance with appropriate age-level comprehension.
  • The tool is equipped to facilitate learning within children possessing visual impairments by incorporating high contrast graphics/text (white or yellow on black), sound effects supporting conveyed concepts along with built-in movement animations directing attention.

Moreover, these animations ensure accessibility from where your learner feels most comfortable - be it on large interactive whiteboards for group learning sessions or small screens such as tablets during individual studies at home or computer monitors during classroom lessons. Its intrinsic versatility makes it ideal for implementation across varied settings including safe zones associated with switch training sessions too!

In conclusion, whether used in whole group classrooms or small group homeschooling environments; be it an enjoyable homework reinforcement task or lively classroom activity - The Animated Song: 5 Little Pumpkins VI lets students discover music appreciation while mastering primary academic goals effectively.

What's Included

7-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

animated song literacy language motor skills concept retention

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