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Animated Song: Aiken Drum VI

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About This Product

Animated Song: Aiken Drum VI - A Teaching Resource

Aimed At:
Educators and parents

An interactive and animated PowerPoint presentation comprising of 12 engaging slides. This teaching resource is aimed at enhancing vocabulary skills and introducing the concept of rhyming in early childhood education.

Originally designed for students with visual impairments, this resource bank utilizes high contrast graphics, clear text, substantial movement animations, along with suitable sound effects.

Innovative Instructional Approach

The PowerPoint slides contain text followed by a star symbol indicating educators or parents to stop reading and click on it. The animation that follows illustrates the preceding text visually aiding language skills improvement.

Versatility & Flexibility

  • Pitched at varying levels of literacy development from preschool to grade two.
  • Adaptable for large group learning using interactive whiteboards or large screen TVs.
  • Suitable for small-scale usage on computer monitors or handheld devices like iPad/Android tablets via the free Microsoft PowerPoint app.

This kind of animated resources helps improve both language acquisition and comprehension levels among learners by involving them actively—and can be used as part of classroom activities or homework assignments too!

Cross-Curricular Opportunities

Note:While primarily created under art & music categories due to its tuneful content, innovative educators could integrate it into lessons incorporating various subjects thus enriching educational experiences!

What's Included

12-slide PowerPoint

Resource Tags

interactive PowerPoint vocabulary skills rhyming visual aids drum animation

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