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Animated Poem: 6 Little Gingerbreads VI

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About This Product

The Animated Poem: 6 Little Gingerbreads VI is a brilliant teaching resource that enlivens the traditional learning process. This interactive poem intelligently weaves creativity and education, forming an effective tool for educators to kindle their students' interest in literacy, arts, and counting.

Delightful Animations

Spanning across 14 slides, each houses thoughtfully crafted animations, synchronizing with the melodious rhythm of the poem. Students read up to the specified star marker and then click to trigger an animation illustrating what they just read. Not only does this assist language comprehension but also captivates young learners' attention through simple yet dynamic visuals.

Counting Practice Integration

The Animated Poem seamlessly integrates counting practice throughout its storytelling sequence – a trait appreciated by classroom teachers as well as those who teach at home. With each slide unfolding another verse of the rhyme, numeracy skills are reinforced along with enriched vocabulary development and literary appreciation.

Inclusive Design For Visual Impairments (VI)

This spectacular resource is designed considering inclusivity at its core; special attention has been given to cater to children with Visual impairments (VI). The animations incorporated serve as visual aids providing built-in movement cues that help focus on targeted subjects. Accommodating a color scheme of high-contrast graphics further supports visibility challenges for students having visual impairments.

  • Sound Effects:
    • Echo throughout this educational tool amplifying conceptual understanding while delivering an enhanced learning experience.
  • Diverse Device Compatibility:
    • In typical classrooms or individual study sessions – on big screens such as interactive whiteboards or portable devices like tablets – this multi-faceted poetical journey significantly contributes to engaging holistic sessions focusing on several academic goals encompassing language arts.

In summary, Animated Poem: 6 Little Gingerbreads VI renders essential foundational support aligning with curriculum objectives for Preschoolers to Grade 2 pupils within poetic verses bursting with fun-filled animations conducive for versatile teaching methods - whole group instruction, small group engagement or assignments.

What's Included

14-slide PowerPoint

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animated poem literacy counting practice visual aids

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