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Arabic Alphabet Worksheets and Flashcards

An educational teaching resource from Soumara Siddiqui entitled Arabic Alphabet Worksheets and Flashcards downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

This printable set comes in a PDF file that will allow your students -who are new to the Arabic language- learn to write and read each letter. This set of sheets includes writing and tracing practice for all 28 letters in the Arabic alphabet. Includes practice for the name of each letter along with identification of each letter when among a group. Includes a chart to show how the letters look when used isolated, initially, in the middle, and end of words. Includes 28 flashcards to quiz the students on what letter is being shown. Total of 78 pages including the answer key.

The student will:

✅trace, color, and write all 28 Arabic letters

✅know the name of each letter

✅identify a letter among a group of letters

✅know what a letter looks like in the beginning, middle, and end of a word

Have fun!

What's Included

70 Pages

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