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Armor of God Booklets

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About This Product

Armor of God Booklets

Prepare for an enlightening journey with our pair of Armor of God booklets. This educational resource guides young learners through the wisdom within Ephesians 6:10-17, bringing this spiritually enriching passage to life in various educational settings.

The First Booklet

In the first booklet, each piece of armor is covered as a separate entity. Basic descriptions are provided making it easy for kids to understand:

  • The Belt of Truth,
  • Breastplate Righteousness,
  • Shoes Peace,
  • Shield Faith,
  • Helmet Salvation and
  • Sword Spirit.

You'll find age-appropriate text and playful illustrations for them to color in on every page. Keep learning interactive and fun!

The Second Booklet

Delve deeper into Ephesians 6:10-18 in our second Armor Of God booklet. Understand how each piece fits within this verse’s context:

  • Kids can colorize images that are relevant to chosen words.

This will help foster their understanding about synergistic working & implications surrounding these pieces!
Add Personal Touch! The closing pages feature different genders dressed up in the Armor Of God attire, including:

    ` `• Boy & Girl Characters Kids Can Personalize
Have fun exploring role-play during comprehension exercises!
Versatile Application
p>No limitations here! Our booklets suit homer-schoolers or traditional classroom learning just as well. Plus:

  • Clear assembling instructions are provided for easy preparation and distribution.

  • Our revised NRSVCE Bible uses verses specifically tailored for Catholic classrooms or religious study sessions.
    The Package

    This value-packed resource includes:

      An easily accessible PDF file,
    • 14 print-ready pages covered in vibrant color and detail, crafted into two comprehensive booklets.

    Engage learners with the enlightening wisdom of the Armor Of God, actively incorporated in these enjoyable activities.

    What's Included

    1 PDF with 14 ready to print pages for 2 individual booklets with a cover and pages. It also include instruction on how to assemble the booklet.

    Resource Tags

    Armor of God Bible study Christian education interactive learning spiritual enrichment

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