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Asian Maps Clip Art

An educational teaching resource from Teacher's Clipart entitled Asian Maps Clip Art downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Asian Maps Clip Art provides educators with useful maps to teach students about Asian history. This teaching resource includes a Silk Road map depicting the ancient trade routes, a map tracing Marco Polo's famous travels to China, and a map of the 13th century Mongol Empire at its greatest extent. The 3 detailed maps are available in PDF format as both black and white line art versions and full color versions. They can be used as visual aids when teaching units on Ancient China, the Silk Road and trade, Marco Polo's travels, the Mongol Empire, and more. The maps are clearly labeled and would engage students' interest in these topics. These maps can easily be projected for whole class instruction, printed for small groups to annotate, or assigned individually to label and color. With their visual nature, they aid student comprehension and recall. Educators will appreciate having these high quality Asia maps on hand to vividly bring lessons about this region and time period to life.

What's Included

This set includes line art and colored graphics

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Asia Maps silk road Marco Polo Mongol Empire

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