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At Home Learning Mommy Sing Me To Sleep

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Product Title: At Home Learning Mommy Sing Me To Sleep

The At Home Learning Mommy Sing Me To Sleep is a valuable resource for educators in early learning environments, such as preschool and kindergarten settings, or for parents homeschooling their children. It can beautifully supplement art and music curriculum while serving as an enjoyable resource for any quiet-time activities.

This product offers a collection of lullabies originating from various traditions around the world, with an additional original piece titled "It's Night Night Time Sing-Along". Each track features harmonious vocals from a professional female artist designed to soothe and comfort young ones.

  • Sharing these songs during nap time can help create a calming atmosphere in your classroom or at home.
  • You can include them in moments of required tranquillity like snuggle time, or before bed to end the day with soothing melodies.

An intriguing aspect of this product is its flexibility; it holds no restrictions regarding implementation methods within your teaching routine. It is adaptable to use during whole group circle times at school or small groups at home fostering shared experiences among students over delightful lyrics and melodies.

Apart from being perfect for group scenarios, these lullabies could be integrated into individual activities. Educators may assign listening tasks as homework assignments encouraging students to share their reinterpretation of nursery rhymes, thus increasing creativity alongside cultural appreciation.

The downloadable zip file contains 13 rejuvenating songs that are easy-to-access making them readily available when needed - be it in school classrooms, homeschooling environments, childcare centres or local libraries offering toddler storytimes!

This lovely collection may become a cherished addition to your teaching tools that not only enhances musical awareness but provides sweet relief amidst busy learning schedules. Thus, the At Home Learning Mommy Sing Me To Sleep assortment serves as a wonderful teaching resource to cultivate a rich learning experience filled with peace and tranquillity for young learners.

What's Included

1 zip file with 13 songs

Resource Tags

music lullabies cultural appreciation calming atmosphere early learning

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