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At Home Learning Number Songs

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About This Product

At Home Learning Number Songs

At Home Learning Number Songs is a unique and interactive teaching resource designed specifically for educators ranging from public school teachers to homeschoolers. In light of the education sector's shift towards digital platforms, this resource innovatively tackles preschool understanding of numbers using musical elements.


This product is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners as it introduces number concepts in a simple yet enjoyable manner.

Product Composition:

  • The album packed into an easy-to-download zip file consists of 14 song files.
  • The songs are carefully crafted with lyrics focused on teaching numbers 1-20, skip counting, adding simple numbers, among other fundamental math skills.

The variety in these songs ensures children remain engaged throughout their learning journey. One song could be a familiar classic like "This Old Man," which becomes an amusing lesson on number recognition and progression. On the other hand, original compositions like "Counting By Tens!" provide a fresh music experience while instilling the concept of skip counting.


This resource can be used either at home during distance learning or daycare centers and traditional school environments frequently holding group-based activities. Its inherent flexibility adapts to whole group sessions promoting classroom engagement or smaller groups that suit each child's pace.

Musically Interactive Learning:
    In addition to its educational value, each song captivates youngsters by giving them breaks from screen-centric education models - they're encouraged to sing along upbeat tunes while absorbing numerical values subtly embedded within melodies they easily relate with.

Long-term Benefits:

Regular and consistent use of At Home Learning Number Songs, whether during class hours or as interesting homework assignments, has the potential to transform how young students understand basic numeracy concepts while fostering their inherent love for music.

What's Included

1 zip file with 14 songs

Resource Tags

number recognition skip counting math skills preschool learning music education

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