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At Home Learning Super Silly Songs

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

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About This Product

At Home Learning Super Silly Songs

The At Home Learning Super Silly Songs teaching resource provides an effective and enjoyable way for kids to learn at home. This interactive album, designed for preschoolers, kindergartners, and first graders, perfectly blends education with fun entertaining tunes.

The downloadable content contains a collection of 30 engaging songs comprised of:

  • Classic hits: For example "One Hundred Bottles Of Pop" or “I Met A Bear” - fond anthems that induce nostalgia among educators and parents alike. These classics serve as a great teaching tool fostering important lessons while keeping the session light-heartedly lively.
  • Original compositions: Songs like "Smelly Feet," or "It's Silly Time" ensure your classroom is filled laughter inducing energy – effectively promoting focus during learning sessions.

A Versatile Teaching Tool

This collection can be emblazoned into diverse learning scenarios such as pods or small study groups. It proves highly beneficial not only for homeschooling parents but can equally add value to traditional schools and daycare setups providing ample day-to-day activities enrichment.

Tangible Benefits of Incorporating Music in Teaching
  1. Fosters motor skill development through dancing along the songs
  2. Fosters memory reinforcement as children unknowingly repeat lines while singing along
  3. Promotes creativity thinking in art & music subjects through brightly penned lyrics subtly instilled with elements from various other subjects.

Incorporating Activity Over Screen-Time - Promoting Active Engagement!

Diverging from commonplace digital class materials that confine kids to screens, this compilation encourages learners to become physically active—prompting them towards lively motions while they sing along brightly crafted lyrics.

You Have The Power to Transform Learning!

Start using At Home Learning Super Silly Songs in your curriculum today. Watch how ordinary learning days turn into extraordinary sessions filled with the joyful noise of engagement and laughter—a resource that not only fills the room with happy tunes but also carves an unforgettable fun learning adventure for each child!

What's Included

1 zip file with 30 songs

Resource Tags

silly songs interactive learning music education homeschool resources engaging activities

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