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At Home Learning Songs About The Weather

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1

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About This Product

At Home Learning Songs About The Weather

At Home Learning Songs About The Weather is a unique and engaging resource. It is designed to stimulate easy, enjoyable learning at your child's own pace. This innovative musical science collection unveils fascinating facts about weather-related phenomena like thunder, lightning, tornadoes and hurricanes in a melody-filled way!

Educational Uses:

Educators can readily utilize the 13 distinct songs that range from preschool to Grade 1 levels for numerous learning methods - home-based lessons, distance learning or traditional school environments. With the main focus on Art & Music with subtopics on Music and Weather studies under Science; this product can be ingeniously incorporated into daily lesson plans.

  1. Whole-Group Settings: During group sessions such as classroom teachings or shared homeschooling tasks, teachers can use these composed songs during activities based on weather phenomena.
  2. Smaller Groups/Individual Tasks: For homework or individual assignments; the songs function as memory aids that are more vibrant than written texts.
  3. Auditory Learners: For students who favor auditory inputs over visual materials; these songs become an invaluable tool that adds fun to understanding concepts like why they see lightning before they hear thunder (because light travels faster than sound!).
Beyond Education:

Besides improving scientific literacy early in pupils interested in meteorology; it encourages them to appreciate nature holistically through introspecting 'why' questions regarding ever-changing climatic conditions rather than just observable facts!

Digital Availability:

All materials are conveniently packed into a single zip file compatible across multiple software types ensuring accessibility regardless of technological bounds; making At Home Learning Songs About The Weather an indispensable tool for individual learning objectives.

In conclusion, with this resource, learning transcends traditional instruction by harnessing and nurturing children's inborn curiosity to explore nature's own weather mysteries- all through the power of music!

What's Included

1 zip file with 13 songs

Resource Tags

weather songs engaging learning science education music and weather at-home learning

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