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Atomic Structure and Notation -Digital Exit Ticket and Review Activity

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Grade 8, 9, 10

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About This Product

Atomic Structure and Notation - Digital Exit Ticket and Review Activity

Assess and enhance student comprehension of core concepts with this interactive exit ticket and review. This digital resource features a series of questions that gauge understanding of essential topics covered in class including; Atoms and subatomic particles, Protons, Neutron and Electrons, Atomic Number, Atomic Mass, Isotopes, Calculating Average Atomic Mass, Periodic Table Notation, and Chemical Symbol.

With a single click, this Google Form will be copied into your Google drive for easy access. You will then be able to make any changes you feel necessary and distribute out to your students.

With this exit ticket, educators can:

  • Check for student understanding of key areas.

  • Get instant insights into students' grasp of concepts through automatically graded questions and easy-to-read results charts.

  • Identify areas students are struggling with to refine instruction.

  • Incorporate exit ticket data into student grades as a formative assessment.

Students are able to:

  • Demonstrate their knowledge of concepts through short answer and multiple choice questions.

  • Get immediate feedback on their responses to support metacognition.

  • Review core ideas before a test or the next class.

This digital review resource allows teachers to quickly assess student learning outcomes related to essential principles. The automatically graded Google Form provides data visualizations that highlight comprehension gaps to address. An engaging way to end or begin a class while promoting understanding without adding to your workload as a teacher.

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